Things to do in Rocky Point

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If you are looking for recommendations, here are my personal favorite spots to check out in Rocky Point!

Bar / Restaurants

  • Collins Cantina at the Princesa (Sandy Beach)- Its right there by the guard gate, and they have great food & great prices.  Its always nice to just walk down to the end of the building for a great meal.  Check out 2X1 Burger night on Mondays, or Gringo Bingo on Thursdays.  Closed Wednesdays.

  • Diego’s Tiki Bar (Sandy Beach) - Great new beach restaurant / bar.  At the Esmoralda resort, just before the pier.  Its a nice longer walk from the Princesa.  Good food and good vibes

  • Wrecked at the Reef (Sandy Beach): great place to keep your toes in the sand and listen to live music, or hear the ocean.  I love sitting down at the beach and hanging out here.  Food is typical bar fare, but the spot is awesome.

  • JJ’s Cantina (Cholla Bay) This iconic bar/restaurant was recently taken over by the Wrecked at the Reef owners, and they definitely did some upgrades.  Thankfully they kept the core of JJ’s the same - with the terraced outdoor tables and bar looking out over Cholla Bay.

  • Oyster Farm (Past Los Conchas) - I’m not sure the location any more, but if you go out past Los Concos, 
I personally tend to stay away from the Malecon (Old Port area), its usually more crowed than I like and there are lots of other great spots.  That being said, The Maelcon area is probably the top destination in Puerto Penasco for Restaurants.

Other spots & happenings:

I love the beach at The Princesa for Swimming at high tide, and for walks and checking out the reef at low tide.   If the water is calm, you can go snorkeling, although the area near the pier at Wrecked at the Reef has more fish.  My son goes there a bunch and sees needlefish all the time.

Cholla Bay is great for calm waters.  If you want to go paddle boarding, cholla bay at high tide is awesome.  You can even rent paddle boards or kayaks from SUPing the Sea. You can park right on the rocks along the shore (below JJ's). Just make sure you know where high tide comes up to so you don’t end up under water :) 

Go out on a boat!  You can book a sunset cruise (aka booze cruise) or fishing charter.  I’ve been on the Senorita Rita a few times, lots of fun.  I haven’t tried fishing yet but lots of people do :)   

Theres so much to do in Rocky Point, but in the end my favorite is to just sit on the beach and enjoy sound of the ocean. 

Let me know what your favorite thing to do is! 

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